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Get out and party, baby

We’re naturally social animals. It dates back to the cave days, when you had to get along or die, which doesn’t mean we always get along, as too well, no doubt, you know, but essentially we love grouping. And there’s nothing we love grouping for more than a good party (as in any social gathering wherein you feel yourself transported in the presence of others to a place that transcends the mundane, in which somehow through celebration at some level, you touch the divine within you and cause similar in the others around you).

Of course there are times you feel antisocial and that’s fine too – it’s the yin to the yang.

But ideally you want to be able to override any reticence to mix your innate shyness enough to be able to make contact, as this gives a unique richness to your life, unlike any other human activity.

To which end, the Taoists suggest investing in being the useless clod, the shy, awkward one, if that’s the role you seem to have assigned yourself for the night, yet inform your useless cloddishness with an intended mission to feel and radiate joy to one and all regardless.

In other words, let go of the need to be seen to be or treated as important, magnificent, extraordinary and instead allow yourself to revel in being ordinary and unimportant on an individualistic level, merely here to spread the joy of the Tao in whatever way you find to do that, however clumsily or awkwardly.

So rather than hold back from the social possibilities over the next few days with a hundred plausible reasons why, simply override the need to be seen to be somebody, be nobody, go out and have (and give) a good time.

Invariably when you do so, miracles happen anyway and you meet amazing people and your whole life changes.

I wish you a day, night and weekend of meeting amazing people and your whole life changing for the better.

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