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Get What You Want

Oftentimes you get something you want and find out you didn’t really want it at all. Things look one way before you have them and another when you have them. You want the moon but as soon as you have it, you realise it has a dark side you don’t like.

That’s why it’s silly being too fixed about what you want on the detailed level. Keep your wants simple in the sense of wanting peace, wanting health, wanting wealth, wanting a loving world in which you feel connected to the source of all good and so on, and let life produce the set of details that will produce that result for you.

It’s a difficult thing to do because you invest mental and emotional energy into particular pictures of what you believe will bring you the satisfaction you want.

That’s why every time you wish for something, tell the Tao, ‘this is my wish – make it, or something even better happen to produce my highest good.’

After that it’s all down to letting go, like whizzing down a waterslide – don’t hold onto the sides, just let yourself surrender to the ride and glide.

And as you do, and the day’s tasks and obligations present themselves for your attention, greet them warmly as gifts from life and attend to them with a giving heart and mental aspiration to achieve excellence. Treat each task or obligation as an opportunity to touch the Tao in manifest form. Receive it as a blessing and give it love.

That way you’ll transform life into a series of blessings and miracles will follow, the combined sum of which will be you enjoying precisely the state you wished for.

Wish: where you find yourself as a result is so pleasing to all your senses you can but give thanks with every breath.

Love, D

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