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Get your life to resonate more

To get your life to resonate more, start by getting your body to resonate more, specifically the main resonance chamber in your body: your skull.

There are three sounds, which when chanted with sufficient focus, increase resonance in the front of the skull (forehead and cheekbones), the top of the skull and the rear of the skull, namely, mmmmmmm for the front, nnnnnnnnnn for the top and nnnnnnnng (as in going) for the rear.

Chant the first one, concentrating on the forehead and cheekbones, inserting a vowel sound between each mmmm, varying the vowel randomly, as in mmmeemmeeemmmaymmaymmaymmmowmmmowmmmow etc, then do the same with nnnnn and nnnnng.

Spend a while on each, then rest with eyes closed, enjoying the magnificent sensation of the head resonant and buzzing. Let it slowly settle and then feel the silence that lies beneath.

I wish you the soothing of the silence that lies beneath all sounds today.

Love, B

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