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Getting amazing, unexpected results from life today

Being attached to the erroneous notion that being happy is the point of life is not only childish and daft but also the cause of all unhappiness.

Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes just like any other feeling: sadness, anger, grief, loneliness or so on.

The point of life is to love it whatever you’re feeling, pleasant or unpleasant.

When you watch a movie you don’t love one bit and hate another, you just watch the movie and love the activity of doing so. Life’s no different: a series of frames comprising a journey with some sort of narrative thread, generally more Coen Brothers than Disney, generally hard to make any sense of.

But making sense of it is not what you’re here for, nor what life is for.

Life is for loving and you’re here to love it.

So whatever you’re feeling right now, however much you feel you’re lacking something, love it. Identify the feeling in your upper abdomen, inhale into it and say aloud (or under you’re breath if needs be),

“I love this – it’s my life, whatever I’m feeling, no matter how much I believe it’s lacking, and I love it.”

Doing so, life will feel acknowledged and will smile at you in the form of a run of unexpected good news, opportunities, and gifts.

Resist it on the other hand and all it’ll do is fight you back harder.

Say, “I love my life,” and carry on as you were. Expect amazing results within 24 hours.

Amazing results I wish you today.

Love, Doc

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