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Getting Clear About Your Needs

Calculating what you need requires being honest, unafraid and reasonable.

You’re here on a mission. That mission is to continually discover and rediscover the unique essential beauty in your soul and to help make the world more beautiful by sharing it as you pass through. You do this by intending to do it – no big mystery or complication about it. and the more you do it, the more your way is lit up with instances of serendipity, opportunities that come along to make it all easier for you.

And what’s more if, once in partnership with the essence of beauty, if once harnessed to its flow, you determine what you need to keep your show on the road – and the way you measure it is entirely up to you, no rules other than those you impose yourself – and if you then ask the essence of beauty (the Tao) to provide it for you, it will indeed do so.

The pertinent areas are broadly health, strength, freedom, creativity/originality of thought, finances, companionship/help.

Try compiling a list of what you need in all those areas and any other areas that may occur. But when you do it, don’t underplay what you need. Without being silly give yourself as much room to grow into whatever you ask for as possible – get two sizes too big in other words so you can grow into it.

So if, say, it’s going to require 100K to get you through any given period of time add 20% contingency money and certainly don’t just ask for 75K because you think you’re being unreasonable. However I must stress this isn’t about going into law of attraction fantasy land and expecting the Tao to send you a cheque for some crazy amount that has nothing to do with your needs – it would do it by direct transfer these days anyway – this is about you determining what you need to manifest and then electing to throw your whole presence behind doing so. Once the Tao feels your commitment, it responds by coming to meet you.

It’s about asking for what you need rather spending time worrying and fearing failure.

Believe in yourself – believe in your mission and maintain that belief and eventually nothing will stand in your way of full actualization of your intention.

May the wu of the wei serve you well and you find yourself all but overwhelmed by the Tao’s generosity towards you now.

Love, B

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