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Getting high today

Remind yourself that despite the relative chaos it could cause, you are actually free to walk away from all this.

Knowing this restores your personal power by reaffirming that you’re here by choice and not because you have to be. You are choosing your own reality and while there may currently be aspects of it that irk or stress you, you have the power to alter conditions by seeing, hence choosing them differently.

Then remind yourself that days are essentially an illusion, not a fact. Time cannot really be carved up into increments like that. Days of the week, along with all the local everyday systems we have in place are actually merely illusory, when seen in the light of eternity. It’s all just passing show.

In other words, it’s all just a big game of make-believe. But just because it’s a game doesn’t mean you don’t have to honor it. Honoring it, however, doesn’t mean buying into it, it means showering it with compassion and doing everything you possibly can to make it sparkle and glow with the light of consciousness for the highest good of everyone and everything (the Tao).

And from that vastly zoomed out view, come back into the more localized everyday state and remind yourself finally, that no matter what day of the week it is, this is a crucial part of your life, without which you’d fall in the gap between days and vanish forever – and as a crucial part of your life, which after all is the greatest miracle you’ll ever experience or know in this universe, it warrants full celebration.

I wish you a fully celebrated day, in which you are blessed with the vision, clarity, focus and sensitivity to enjoy every moment maximally and in your enjoyment achieve an implausibly enormous amount.

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