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Getting the answers to all your questions within 24 hours: method

You’re probably concerned with finding the answers to various questions, some big, some small and most likely feel quite stressed about the whole endeavor at times. But what if there really were no questions? (I realize the paradox of asking that question). And what if there were no answers?

Or rather, what if you knew the answer to every question even before you’d asked it?

Well according to the ancient Taoists, that’s the case.

What these days, we’d call your subconscious, already knows the answer to every question. Your subconscious is your personal access point to all the information in existence, your plug-in point to cosmic consciousness.

All you have to know, is how to activate it and trigger the flow of information to your conscious mind.

The most straightforward way, without getting all messy, is simply to relax, close your eyes, enter a meditative state and, directing your focus to the center of your brain and a little bit down towards your upper brainstem at the top of your spinal column and ask or command it to give you the answers to all your pressing questions within the next 24 hours.

Then all you have to do is carry on as you were, except exercise a little more mindfulness and sensitivity than normal, so you’re more perceptive to the thoughts streaming from the midbrain into the forebrain, and be alert for signs on passing vans, snatches of passing songs or what-have-you and within 24 hours or so, you will indeed start receiving all the information you need to take your next steps with confidence and success.

I wish you a magnificent expansion of awareness and understanding today.

Love, D

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