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Getting The World’s Cooperation

As things hot up on the ground and the competition for resources of all sorts increases, people get more stressed, less willing to play fair, greedier, more shortsighted and hence harder to gain cooperation from. It’s an effect of high-density planetary population and is symptomatic of overcrowding neurosis.

No surprises there. And if you try to change the world through preaching about generosity and the wisdom of playing fair and sharing, you’ll soon discover it’s like pissing in the wind. Any Taoist will tell you there’s little point meddling with the externals. Far better to adjust your internal landscape and allow that to affect the exterior. When you transform your own state into one of openhearted generosity, you’ll mostly receive the same in return.

Naturally you’ll get rolled from time to time by unscrupulous people but on account of your good nature and stock of good karma, the universe will soon enable you to bounce back even higher. It’s like using the Taoist internal boxing arts (tai chi, hsing yi and pa kua), which in part owe their effectiveness to getting yourself so up close to the opponent they have nowhere to go and are thus susceptible to the slightest push – you have to be willing to take a couple of blows on the way in.

However by being willing to accept a few knocks your generosity will in the main serve as an example to others, who in turn will tend to treat you more fairly and be more cooperative. This approach may not see you wind up as the most financially wealthy body in the graveyard but will certainly compensate for that by granting you real wealth beyond measure whilst alive, which is more than can be said for people who play the game the ruthless way instead.

So what am I saying? That if you want cooperation from others, first cooperate with yourself. When you’re unified internally, when all your aspects are working in unison towards a particular goal, you become fairly unstoppable and others respond to this by cooperating with you. People only refuse to cooperate when you’re at odds with yourself. The exterior merely reflects the interior.

So unify yourself now – focus on the outcome you intend, then repeat 6 times like your mean it, “I am cooperating with myself fully in achieving this result and so others naturally cooperate with me to our mutual benefit now”, or words to that effect.

Try it out and see how it affects the way events shape up today.

Wish: the whole world cooperates with you and you achieve something remarkable for the whole world to enjoy with you.

Love, D

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