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Getting Unstuck Now

To have something better than this means being willing and able to let go of what you have now in order to make space for the new. That’s why the manifestation process might seem to get blocked sometimes – you’re not as willing deep down as you think you are to relinquish the familiar and step outside your comfort zone sufficiently to create the inner space required to receive the new in your life. So you place your order with the universe and unconsciously cancel it again every time.

To truly produce something new, you have to be willing to undergo the temporary dishevelment that comes with relinquishing one set of familiar reality reference points in favour of a set as yet unknown ones.

You have, in other words, to risk losing all in order to gain all and at first, as is the nature with risk, you simply have no proof your investment will pay off.

That’s why the ancient Taoists advised what they called investing in loss. The way they saw it, according to the law of yin and yang, which has it that everything naturally turns into its opposite, when you invest your energy in the pursuit of losing yourself, you will paradoxically find yourself. Invest in losing self-importance and you become important. Invest in losing your sure footing and you become sure footed. Invest in losing your security and you become secure. Invest in owning nothing and you own everything. Invest in being alone and you are accompanied. And so on.

Embrace the insecurity of not knowing how things will work out. Love that insecurity, don’t fight it and before you know it you’ll feel more secure than ever before.

Breathe with it. Relax into it. Let circulate the energy informing it. And keep moving steadily towards your goal. Let nothing deter you, especially the insecurity. Keep going, keep going regardless. Without self-importance, you have nothing to lose. With nothing to lose, you gain everything.

May you gain everything your heart desires and more.

Love, Doc

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