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Getting Your Head Straight About Reality

While there are many aspects to the manifesting process, one of the more fascinating is what happens when you actually manifest something wonderful you’ve wanted a long time, for when you do, its quite likely, once the novelty thrill has passed, that you’ll fall prey to anxiety about losing it, arising from a tendency to cling to externals.

The real relationship however is not between you and whatever you manifested, even if that happens to be a person in whichever area of your life, no the real relationship is between you and the generator of all appearances, that great conjurer in the sky, the Tao.

So rather than cling to the effects of your manifestations and so induce anxiety about losing them, cling to the Tao that is generating all effects in the first place. Let your clinging be to the dance you do with the Tao. Because then, you have no reason to fear losing anything – you simply know and trust the Tao will produce whatever you need to succeed in living the fullest, most rewarding life possible, while spreading your blessings far and wide for the benefit of us all. So you allow every manifestation to arise out of nothingness and disappear back there when its time has come to do so. And though the human aspect of you will inevitably suffer the pain of loss, the fundamental you will remain constant and in peace, because what it clings to is the unchanging source of all existence.

(In a nutshell).

Wish: that the Tao dances you right off your feet today and the result is resounding joy and abundance.

Love, D

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