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Getting Your Head Straight About Reality

Your body is the physical arena in which all aspects of your psyche get played out. For instance when you’re clinging inappropriately to any external effect of life, it will translate into subtle tension running up the length of the forearm, the muscles of which are used for actual real-life gripping, in terms of making your hands, fingers and thumbs work.

By releasing residual tension in the forearm, you lessen the tendency to grip psychologically.

One way to do this is to press firmly into various trigger points along the meridian running up the midline of the forearm, with enough focused intent to cause the soft tissue to give and the whole forearm relax at a profound level. Doing so, you’ll experience a notable shift in your levels of ability to surrender to the flow and thereby lessen your tendency towards separation anxiety in respect of whatever good you’ve just manifested. And this is important because if anything’s going to push something away from you, its anxiety that that thing will be taken from you.

Giving thanks for it, on the other hand, giving thanks and letting go, will encourage it to flourish.

Start by looking at the back of your right hand. Glance up the midline of your forearm till you spot the highest (fleshiest) point on it, just up near the elbow area. Press in bang in the middle of that to produce a poignant ache that refers down your arm to your little finger in a pleasantly paralyzing sort of way and hold for 20 seconds. As you let go, say thanks to the Tao for your blessings and repeat on the other side.

Next do the same on a point also on the midline but only a tangerine’s distance up from the wrist.

And finally on the indentation in the top of the wrist where your watch-winder would normally dig in.

Repeat this whole one minute procedure thrice daily for one week and you’ll be thrilled at how much more easily you’re able to surrender to the flow and thereby increase your blessings rather than diminish them.

Loving wish: your blessings increase exponentially and fabulously to the point you’re ultimately thrilled and remain that way for the duration.

Love, B

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