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Giggle of cosmic scale

Don’t take any of this too seriously.

It’s easy to say, harder to do, because our faces are now so habituated to the grimace default, but not impossible, indeed once you set the inner laugh in motion again (after so many years of adult abstinence), it becomes fairly irrepressible just as when you were still with all your natural ebullience in tact, before the world and all its stresses, strains, bogus beliefs and other nonsense had a chance to fully impact on your tender young soul.

The fact is nothing is at it appears. Though it may seem there are many who have it all worked out, no one knows the answer any better than you and the very idea there’s a question in the first place is only relative.

Reality as we experience it is a web of myths.

Take for example where the sea meets the shoreline at any large seafront conurbation. It is generally assumed the sea is there to provide impetus to the tourist industry and to provide the area a touch of natural aesthetics to make things nicer for residents, who mostly make their living from the tourists. But it’s the opposite. The town grew up there because the sea provided the wherewithal to stay alive – when it felt like and other times, when it didn’t, it took life away.

But go down to where the water laps up against the dirty sand and your first thought might be, how rude of nature to express itself so flagrantly without even advertisments on every wave as a gesture of integration with modern culture.

The systems we’ve created, the myths that run our world have become confused with the world itself.

I always assumed reality was a city called London till I lived in New Mexico and realized I’d been on a planet all the while. Till then being on a planet was mere sci-fi going on somewhere beyond the bounds of reasonable thought and certainly with less significance than whether I stopped at a red light or not.

We live the whole thing back to front.

So why take any of it seriously?

It’s all a beautiful illusion, a vast hall of distorted mirrors (and I wouldn’t change it for the world).

I wish you a chuckle growing deep within and growing cosmic in scale by the end of the day.

Love, D

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