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Give the gift

There’s hardly anything more wonderful than when life bestows unexpected gifts upon you – people suddenly popping out of the blue to help you just when you need it most and in the way you most need it and so on. But you can’t force that to happen, though of course that’s what the majority are trying in vain to make happen all the time.

However, according to the ever-swinging circle of alternating yin and yang, meaning whatever you give out wrapped in love comes back to you wrapped in love multiplied, you can actually instigate and expedite the process by making it your business to give someone an unexpected gift today. This could be something as small as an SMS, an email or a phone-call telling them they’re wonderful no matter what and you love them, or it could be something huge. The magnitude of the gift doesn’t mater as much as the amplitude of the love informing it.

Try it out and you’ll notice, usually within no more than 72 hours, dear reader, a flurry of good fortune coming your way.

I wish you a flurry of good fortune this very day.

Love, Barefoot

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