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Give your personal and social life a boost

Feelings of loneliness are intrinsic to the human condition, hence why so much is done and constructed to serve as a distraction or temporary remedy. In fact simply breathing into the loneliness, it tends to pass swiftly.

However that deeper yearning to reconnect with your own soul and the source of your being, which normally translates as a yearning for another, can be effectively ameliorated, along with your personal and social life, by repeating the following statement a minimum of six times but way more if you like, with feeling and conviction and the results will start appearing within 24 hours or so:

'I am totally at peace and nurtured on my own – I love myself so much it thrills me to be with myself – I am also delighted for others to come and share the fun whenever I feel like it.'

Deep joy in connecting with an endless stream of beautiful people to you.

Love, B

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