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Giving Yourself Space To Get Things Wrong

People have a superstitious aversion to allowing themselves the space and grace to mess things up from time to time as we all inevitably do occasionally, lest they inadvertently encourage themselves to mess things up even more by doing so.

In fact the more space you give yourself to fail, the more likely you are to succeed.

The more latitude you give yourself to experiment with reality, the more options for possible success you afford yourself. And this in no way encourages you to be slack or slovenly. To the contrary, provided you set a firm intention to achieve excellence in all you do and to manifest a successful outcome to all endeavours, that’s what you’ll achieve and manifest, no matter how much bumbling and stumbling you get done along the way there.

You’ve got to love the inner bumbler and stumbler as much as the inner hero/heroine. Indeed, you’ve got to love and so fully accept all aspects of you in order to be able to move forth from this point with the requisite personal power pf a unified entity and achieve the success you want in all areas of your life.

So without further ado, declaim with conviction, joy and feeling, ‘I love me – I love my inner bumbler and stumbler as much as my inner hero/heroine – I love and so accept all of me as I move forth from this moment to greater and greater success in all aspects of my life now.’

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