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Guided process to generate a new version of reality

Do this when you have time – read it, try it, read it again, try it again – it only takes a few seconds or so once you get the hang of it.

Settle down into a comfortable position, relax everything, breathe freely, lower your eyelids, sink your mind back into the midbrain, as if leaning up against the interior rear wall of your skull, and gaze into the soothing void between and behind your eyes, roughly speaking.

Then picture yourself smiling back at you, looking immensely sorted in every possible way, as if having undergone a miraculous transformation of self and life, with the look of someone who now knows, loves and has actual proof of the fact that life is a miraculous adventure that leads you from one magnificent scenario to the next, wherein you enjoy the most unexpectedly wonderful encounters, while growing ever more masterful in all your various talents and skills, thereby enjoying ever greater degrees of self-realisation and fulfillment.

See this version of you, who has now created and is now enjoying this radically different version of reality, say to you,

“It’s all going to be fine – you will manifest this – I know, because I’ve seen it. And you’re going to love it – both the results and the process of obtaining them. I know – I’ve seen it. So relax, believe in this, nurture it with the love in your heart and the power in your loins and in no time at all, you’ll be me. You already are in fact, so give thanks.”

Then give thanks, as if this is already so in real time – it doesn’t matter to what or whom – just being grateful is enough to elicit the requisite state of grace to trigger the miracle-shift.

Feel the warmth in your heart and loins supporting this vision of you smiling back at you, meld with it, be it now and open your eyes.

Within days if not hours, you’ll start seeing things shift in a remarkable way.

Remarkable shift to you, dear reader.

Love, B

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