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Handling Having What You Want

It probably hasn’t slipped your notice that a fair proportion of the Taoist-based metaphysical system presented here on the site, in the books and elsewhere, addresses itself to the process of manifesting the sort of reality-appearance you want. Reality appearance here rather than just plain old reality, because according to the Taoist take, only the Tao itself, the imponderable ineffable absolute we can’t talk about but deep within know and love anyway, only that is real. Everything else is merely relative. This world we see is maya, the realm of the relative or realm of appearances,

The Taoists call it world of the ten thousand things.

The Tao, on the other hand is one, the One – universal unity. In its oneness it contains the world of the ten thousand things and a lot more besides – it contains everything including even antimatter for that matter.

Now the Tao doesn’t depend on the ten thousand things for its existence but the ten thousand things and everything else, including you and I and everyone we each know and so on, for instance, depend entirely on the Tao for theirs, simply because everything manifest is essentially just an absurdly complex trick of the light and a bit of behind-the-scenes-fiddling with the relevant part of the sound-wave spectrum on the Tao’s part. Of course it hurts your illusion of a head if you bang it on the illusion of a wall but even you who think you have a head to hurt, are just part of the illusion.

The you, you perceive yourself to be is actually just an elaborate construct that’s taken you all the while since you were conceived and further back even than that if you consider your personal genetic heritage. What you really are when the construct is somehow removed through meditation or other spiritual practice, is nothing less than the Tao itself.

However for the Tao to enjoy itself as you, through you and because of you, it has to step itself down into localised human form and does so, so adroitly, it even forgets it’s done so itself.

Yes, it’s mind bogglingly complex this trick – that’s why it keeps on fooling us all so convincingly.

In respect of knowing yourself as the Tao and so be able to develop the actual power to shift external reality-appearances around according to your will, the Taoists suggest overriding this construct called you, walking in the world of the ten thousand things – not focusing on it with all its wants and fears at all. Instead they say focus on the One – the one within you and within every known phenomenon – informing each at the atomic and subatomic level – focus on it and love it.

The Tao, this One, is here waiting for you always.

It requires less than a nanosecond of active conscious connecting to slip through the crack in the illusion of linear time into the eternal single moment and know your love-connection with the Tao there, to remind you who and what you really are, who and what we all really are: the one – the Tao, the Great Conjurer and her Great Trick, the ever-loving, nurturing magical Mother Of The Universe, the universal dinner lady herself, having fun playing hide and seek with herself by means of wearing an infinite number of masks that look remarkably like the faces on you and I and everyone we each know and not just the faces of all the people but the entire face of material everyday reality altogether.

And because she would for sure get swiftly bored and have to come up with an even more challenging version to keep herself occupied for the rest of eternity if this game were too easy and over too fast, she puts it all together so entrancingly, she gets totally lost herself in the roles she’s playing. That aspect of her in you actually forgets who she is.

So on behalf of you both and us all, I’m reminding you so she in you can remember too and when that happens: enlightenment – the spiritual jackpot..

By remembering with more frequency, you start veering slowly but irrevocably towards remembering most of the time, so that forgetting becomes the exception and once that happens, you are able to shift the actual external appearance of events comprising your reality by first seeing it as you want it to be in your mind’s eye, and seeing it so clearly you can actually feel the sensation of it in your body as you do.

Then all you have to do is relax, set yourself adrift, stop gripping onto the want in your mind, let it go, and otherwise be as excellent as you can in performing your tasks and obligations associated with making a living so you can stay in the game comfortably while the Tao manifests what you want for you. The Taoists generally suggest 90 days as the average length of time it takes for your order to be processed as they have to outsource packaging and distribution to human beings and you know what they’re like – a bit all over the place and prone to making delays in their rush to speed things up at the best of times - but 90 days is just an average, so don’t get too fixated on the time-frame. Just let it all unfold in its own time.

And then the most unexpected thing happens –

Meantime, have a super-terrifically reality-look shifting for the better sort of day.

Love, Doc

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