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Happy as Larry, whoever Larry is

Here in Spain, in the south as far as you can go before Africa, dear reader, where base camp is being established to project-manage the reconstruction and conversion into a top hole eco-hotel of the old castle 3,200 feet up on a mountainside 20 miles inland but whence the sea is still gloriously distantly visible, I find myself called upon to administer healings for various people with a variety of serious conditions ranging from purportedly fatal cancer through broken ankles and wrists to a severe Asperger-multiple sclerosis cocktail – and when I work with people I work deep – angel level interventions as in deploying Taoist medical methods for opening the channel for their incorporeal helpers to step in and do the healing magic – so deep my body trembles and I all but forget I exist momentarily, which is such a blessed relief for me, not to mention helpful to them – all of whom are showing signs of rapid recovery – the woman who was dying of cancer has rallied significantly – she’s got the light back in her eyes and has taken to walking round the block each day having been a homebound recluse for months and is clearly renewed with fresh juice (of life), the 28 year old girl who’d had a motorbike crash at 16 that allegedly permanently damaged her brain and hasn’t smiled, spoken or communicated with anyone including her mother ever since has spontaneously taken to drawing and writing reams of material she’s channeling from the invisible realm and smiling while she writes and draws, and the woman who was unable to walk on a broken ankle is now walking. I say none of this to illustrate how great I am – I’m good at the job but all greatness belongs to the miracle of existence itself.

I say it to illustrate the efficacy of not permitting ourselves to be bamboozled into subscribing to the sort of conventional medical beliefs that had cursed these people with the notion of there being no hope and instead open ourselves to the limitless potential of reality to shape itself by a series of so-called miracles if we’re willing to agree and allow it. And not just in terms of healing body and /or mind but, in terms of making all aspects of life hum to the heavens when previously you’d given up all hope.

The key factors are conveying the truthful position – people aren’t suffering from diseases and diseases aren’t entities or even things in their own right at all, merely processes being generated at the autonomic level from within. And if you can generate them one way you can generate them another way. This empowers people to hear.

Then to point out that however fucked up or out of step their condition seems if instead of fighting it for being an aberration they honor it as their quirky way of being, the condition stops nudging them to pay attention to their soul by presenting symptoms and they start healing.

It’s the same as the principles of Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science itself based on the healing style of Jesus, which isn’t that peculiar because the silk road was very much in use at that time and ideas from the East were common currency further West too.

And if you found that slightly cumbersome in its expression and a tad difficult to understand or embrace just think how it came across in Spanish, poor people.

And even if the effect were to just be relatively short-lived, each day feeling fine is a day gained and worth every moment – after all we’re all going to die in the end anyway no matter how fine the healing being given us.

Acquiescing to that is possibly the greatest activator of longevity there is - Taoism is the way of working with paradox rather than against it.

Now if we roll this model out so to speak and apply it to the world stage, by honoring the aspects of human behavior we most abhor, instead as essential stages in the unfolding drama rather than get angry and resist them, they tend to subside faster.

And it wouldn’t surprise me were we to find ourselves now bearing witness to some sort of miraculous collective Damascene conversion whereby all those engaged in the destructive path spontaneously begin engaging in the constructive and the temperature cools a tad and even people with strange hair constructions leading countries begin sounding sensible – it can happen, it really can.

It probably won’t but it can.

And either way the key is to have and give maximum enjoyment every step of the way till all the lights go out, because to find ourselves in what’s now increasingly accepted as a mass extinction scenario and to waste the remaining time squabbling and being arseholes rather than being kind and angelic to each other is something we’d all likely hugely regret when we got to heaven and were discussing it with God or whoever lives there.


1 – don’t limit your reality and outcomes according to the apparent wisdom of any conventional view but be bold and dare to expect miracles of healing and deliverance however irrational.

2 – don’t assume your position is an aberration or wrong, but that it’s entirely right for you, because once you do the way you roll which is what determines your position, spontaneously becomes exponentially more effective without you even needing to think about it

3 – if despairing about the roles people are playing remember none of it is fixed and all of it is plastic, pliable, and susceptible to intervention via intention.

Trust you found at least some of that somewhat helpful if not ultimately revelatory dear member, and that it serves you full well.

4 – be kind.

Funnily enough I have a friend who’s surname’s Fullwell but he was always ill and very miserable because he was too obstinate to be willing to entertain the above – however once he did he got swiftly well and is now happy as Larry whoever Larry is.

With love, Barefoot

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