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Harmonious world

Dealing with other people with all their complexes and peccadilloes can sometimes be a tricky thing, what with all the misunderstandings that inevitably arise. However the whole process becomes a lot less fraught and far more constructive as soon as you realize all external relationships are reflective of the internal relationship with yourself.

The less self-conflicted you are, the less conflict you’ll manifest in your dealings with others.

The more understanding you are of yourself, the more understanding others are of you.

You don’t even have to change anything to make this happen. You merely have to acknowledge this outer-reflects-inner dynamic. Somehow that tends to automatically reset you and bring you momentarily back into a state of oneness with yourself.

You can almost feel it immediately take the steam out of the external situation you’re dealing with and things tend to settle into a new harmony in a trice.

A harmonious world for you (and everyone).

Love, B

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