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Having A Perpetually Good Day For The Rest Of Your Life

The pure self, the eternal essence of you, which abides within bearing witness to your local life unfolding, is a pure expression of the Tao, the generative force of existence and is thus a manifestation of limitless universal abundance (the abundance of life, love, and existence). It wants for nothing and is utterly fulfilled in the moment.

Whenever you, in your local guise, are identified with this pure self on the interior, you feel at peace, you feel safe, you feel provided for and your world feels in harmony. However most of the time, you’re distracted by events on the exterior, by what the Taoists call the world of the ten thousand things and find it hard to access your own essence and so feel unfed, unsatisfied and incomplete. What happens then is the infant-ego aspect of your unconscious takes over and drives you to seek your soul sustenance from gaining the attention of others. You do this by employing whatever attention-grabbing strategies you developed as an infant. You don’t realise you’re doing it because you’ve learned to mask these strategies over the years so effectively you’re even unaware of them yourself. This leads you to base your feelings of happiness and success at any given time on how much benign attention you’re receiving from others. So if you get lots of nice attention from those around you in any given day, you feel you’re having a good day, but if you don’t get any you feel you’re having a bad day, and your energy, vitality and wellbeing levels rise or fall accordingly.

So the key to having a perpetual good day for the rest of your life, is to continually draw yourself into your centre and feel the essence of you in there. This essence is nothing less than the Tao – the generative force of existence operating within you and the more you train yourself to trust and rely on it to see you through all obstacles and give you the sustenance your soul constantly craves, the more elegantly it does so and the less you require the attention of others to bolster your spirits.

And as you know, the less needy you are, the more others naturally feel drawn to you, so you win both ways.

Of course once you have their attention, your highest purpose is then to share your unique inner beauty and love with them and that way make the world sweeter for everyone.

May you be blessed with a thousand beautiful loving encounters today and tonight.

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