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Heal your world today

It’s very important as you work, rest and play amidst a rapidly transitioning world now to keep training your mind to envision a benign future for you and everyone.

Envisioning is like praying for what you want. If you don’t your mind defaults to envisioning, hence praying for, the things you don’t want.

This isn’t just for the big picture but what you want in the next five minutes, even in the next five seconds. Your mind is constantly envisioning things in any case – that’s exactly how you manifest reality as you go along.

Envision things transpiring beautifully from moment to moment and you’ll get a beautiful reality opening and opening exponentially like a flower of infinite petals.

Then, after reading this, to expedite the envisioning process, respectfully lower your eyelids and imagine yourself as a disembodied spirit leaning up against the rear wall of the inside of your skull, your energy reaching down through your sacrum into the centre of the ball of each foot, thus in effect re-embodying yourself, let your gaze focus on the centre of the void you’ll spot between and behind your eyes and forehead.

Keep focusing on its centre way out there in the depths of inner space and experience the focusing from all the way down in the balls of your feet, keep leaning up against the rear wall of your skull and by and by you’ll start seeing a subtle light. Keep focusing and when it’s holding fairly steady, inject an image of you living in a beautiful reality, however that occurs to you. Then from the top of your forehead, from the centre of the front hairline, imagine a spotlight beaming down to light the scene up much brighter, so bright in fact that it obliterates it all in a haze of brightness.

Then compress the brightness to the size of a micro-pea and slowly reel it in and let it sink down behind your navel for safekeeping.

This will trigger a real change.

Magnificent transformations and infinite petals opening like jewels to you today to you.

Love B

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