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Heal yourself now

Without realising it we travel to and fro through time, at the subconscious level at least, visiting our future and former selves to gain and give succour, to receive and give healing, (respectively).

So if you’re in a tight spot, simply project forwards in time to a future self that is fully healed, safe, sound and sorted on every level. Then jump into that body and experience yourself healed and whole, having come through the other end of whatever challenges are presently facing your real-time self, unscathed and thriving once again.

Now draw yourself back into the everyday, feeling the healed state come back with you. Know that everything broken has already been repaired, relax, let go, trust the passage of linear time to prove you right.

See through to the whole state in every broken or tipped up situation and that’s what will show through in time.

This takes a lot of mental and emotional discipline but is far easier and more energy conserving than pointlessly chasing around attempting to sort things by meddling in the externals.

Hold the vision of the healed state you want and the externals will all take care of themselves.

Total instantaneous healing to you.

Love, B

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