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Healing-chi, auto-activation exercise

1 - Clear your head

So you’re sitting there, head all full of what you have to do, who you are, what the world is, how you’re doing in it, should you do this or do that and so on, or maybe you’re not, maybe you’re the Buddha and are sitting with supreme clarity of consciousness, but either way to clear the head, try this first of a short series of healing-chi auto-activation exercises, practice of which has a pretty much instant effect (within about 42 seconds).

Providing you’re not too precious about your hairdo, use your fingertips to tap fast and light on the midpoint of the front-hairline (or where that would be), slowly moving the tapping backwards along the midline of the skull and all the way down to the base of the skull, whence you separate your hands and tap outwards to the sides and then forwards along the temporal bones towards the top of the forehead, at the centre of which, all the fingertips meet up again ready for the next round – repeat 9 rounds around the head like this, ending up at the centre of the front hairline, reduce the tapping in velocity and tempo down to zero and spend a moment relaxing in the light-headed balm of newly flowing chi, gradually allowing it to spread down and throughout your body.

2 - Having done the head-tapping you’ll notice your brain working more efficiently already.

This advanced technique will not only put the cherry on your cake, it will awaken and increase centre-brain awareness and enlightenment-factor, with which comes improved psychic skills and intuition.

Called ‘beating the heavenly drum’ for this reason and because it makes a surprisingly loud and resounding sound in your head, the way is to close your ears with the palms of your hands, place index fingers on the base of the skull, place forefingers on top of index fingers and then flick forefingers down onto the base of the skull, with full flick-force 36 times.

Then relax and enjoy the magnificent stillness and emptiness for a moment before rushing back into the workaday world.

In the meantime, I wish you such startling clarity that every issue in your whole life resolves itself in a trice without you having to do anything more about it.

Love, B

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