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Healing-chi, auto-activation exercises

Your hands are the instruments with which you handle the material plane, both actually and metaphorically. By releasing blocked chi in your hands, you instigate a hugely increased flow of chi throughout your system, which then naturally spills out into your external life as an increase in miracle flow.

At the centre of each palm is a point known compassionately as the Compassionate Buddha. Use the right thumb to press firmly yet respectfully in the centre of the left palm. Once maximum comfortable pressure has been achieved, start moving the thumb-tip in small clockwise circles and enjoy the sensation of positive ache spreading through the hand. Repeat 36 circles and then do the same on the right palm.

If sensitive you’ll feel the sensation all the way into your brain.

When you’ve done, take a brief moment to enjoy the ensuing relaxation before reentering the affray and within moments you’ll start noticing your ability to receive and give, along with overall dexterity on all levels, increasing most enjoyably.

Keep this up and within days you’ll be amazed at how your relationship with ontological reality has shifted.

And if you enjoyed that you’ll appreciate this next step.

Because you use your hands way more than you realize throughout the course of a busy life, it’s usual for tension to accrue at the joints, which eventually may lead to various sorts of arthritic conditions, and in any case, starts to affect your levels of flexibility in the way you handle your affairs.

The more open the joints in your hands (within reason of course), the more flexibility you have in dealing with all life’s bits and pieces.

Hold left palm towards your face, grasp the little finger in your right hand and use the weight of the right arm to stretch the little finger back (away from the palm). Breathe slowly and hold it stretched fully for 30 seconds or so. Do the same on the other three fingers. Then point your left thumb towards your nose, grasp it in your right hand and use the weight of the right arm to stretch the thumb away from the palm and other fingers. Again, hold it at full-stretch for 30 seconds and release slowly. Now draw the thumb down to meet the soft side of your lower forearm. And finally push the thumb across the palm so it points to the other side.

Repeat all this on the right hand.

Then relax and enjoy the sensation of expansion in your hands, along with the increased flow of chi through them. You’ll handle everything far better now.

I wish you to handle everything so well, you hardly recognize yourself today.

Love, B

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