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Healing the symptoms of self-conflict

One of the things I’ve fallen into doing is helping people who are addicted to various things – alcohol, cocaine, heroin and so on. What I’m seeing is that all self-destructive activity has its source in inner conflict. And what I’m finding is, if you can heal that conflict at source, the symptoms (the addictive patterns) tend to collapse of themselves.

But rather than go into a whole psychotherapeutic rigmarole, it seems all that’s necessary is to assure yourself you know what you’re doing regardless.

To which end, I’ve been getting people to use the following affirmation and it seems to work well, so am passing it onto you in case you could use some internal conflict resolution yourself.

“I know what I’m doing – I know exactly what I’m doing – I trust myself – I trust my own leadership.”

Repeat it with feeling over and over and see how resolved and whole it makes you feel regardless of the way you’re acting out.

It’s powerful.

Self-trust and freedom from compulsion to you.

Love, D

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