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Healing Your World

When I was a small kid way back in the early 60s, I changed schools at 8 from the sweet little local one to a far fiercer all-boys boarding school up in the Chiltern Hills and found myself with a whole new crew of schoolmates. Ambling about in the playground the first morning introducing myself to the other kids, I was surprised to discover them all wanting to know whether I was a mod or rocker. I found this amusing, seeing as clearly none of us were anywhere near old enough to be considered anything more than wee lads with funny haircuts, short trousers and red blazers. This was the first time I remember encountering the human race’s somewhat bizarre, potentially psychotic need to belong to this group or that, if even just in the imaginary sense.

I remember wondering why we couldn’t just be people and proud to be part of the human race. Naturally now I understand it to be throwback to when we moved in clans and anyone outside our clan was perceived as a threat and that though we’ve now evolved beyond that stage, our hardwiring hasn’t quite caught up yet, hence identification with football teams, fashion brands, car brands, class, culture, social in-groups, nations, ideologies, -isms and so on.

Though I do perceive a subtle yet powerful shift slowly but surely occurring in our midst as we each finally start appreciating we are all in the same boat, all traveling on the same planet, all beset by the same set of existential questions and are hence, almost imperceptibly, beginning to alter the wiring within to accommodate this. And not a moment too soon, for by being willing to pull together as a global team now, we might stand a chance of overcoming the burgeoning multi-level survival crisis we face.

And though we’re talking about a global scale collective enterprise, each of us as individuals has the power and must accept responsibility for initially triggering the requisite transformation within.

Every time you discipline yourself to see past differences and divisions to the Buddha-like angelic nature within each person or group of people you encounter, every time you look beyond surface appearances and attune your vision to the underlying background presence informing all of us, every time you focus on the factors which connect us all rather than the ones that separate us, you are helping undo the power of the outworn clan versus clan, us versus them paradigm and instead lending force to the emerging we-are-all-one paradigm.

Meanwhile, I wish you a sense of oneness with the whole world today, that elicits such a feeling of safety and wellness you feel as if no challenge is too big to handle.

Love, D

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