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Hello Angel Part 1

If, rather than the person you think you, you were an angel in human form, with your wings and other angelic bits invisible to the naked eye, yet nonetheless there, along with all the powers associated with angels: healing, bringing abundance, making miracles happen, bringing peace and so on, and your function on earth, while passing through, was to help as many people as possible along the way, to find their way, their health, their fulfilment, but mostly to remember and wake up to their own angelic essence – if you were really to let that existential model inform you – how might your life be different?

If your focus was on marvelling at the improbable adventure of finding yourself with a human identity and all the resources associated with such an identity, along with the ability to repair whatever’s broken before its even broken, rather than on serving the usual sort of ongoing egocentric agendas that fill most of our heads most of the time, how might this affect your experience of being here?

The reality is a constant flip between the localized-limited version of you and the angelic version, and the way, as far as I can tell, is to spend progressively more time in angelic form, as this profoundly raises the frequency of your energetic vibration, which in turn dramatically raises the overall quality of all aspects of your life, from the inside out.

May all aspects of your life now dramatically, radically, spontaneously and suddenly improve today.

Love, Doc

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