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Hello Angel Part II

So assuming you really are an angel in human form, a fallen angel, besmirched by the ways of the world, as it should be, or what was the point of falling here in the first place, and you have these beautiful wings and other assorted angelic bits, invisible to the naked eye, yet nonetheless fully present and active, along with all associated angelic powers to heal, bring abundance, repair what’s broken even before it gets broken and generally trigger miracles for people, take a moment now to use this for the good, by focusing your mental attentions on someone you know, who you know would benefit from an injection of angel stuff – this could be someone you love, someone you need to make peace with, someone you hardly know or even someone you don’t know at all – direct your angelic palm in their direction and transmit a stream of angel essence to them. See it splash upon their crown, onto their forehead, chest and belly, and fill them to the brim, till you can see them glowing with it, say, ‘may it be so,’ or words to that effect, return your attention to your own angelic presence, feel yourself whole and contained, and carry on as you were, ready for the next assignation.

This outpouring will elicit a favorable response from the Tao in your respect.

I wish you elicit the favor of the Tao in such great measure today, it all but bowls you clean over.

Love, Barefoot

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