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Hello Angel Part III

So assuming you really were an angel in human form, a beautiful fallen angel who forgot they were an angel, so engrossed in the fall were they, but had recently been waking up progressively more to their true identity, and in so awakening, had found themselves increasingly with angelic powers to manifest healing and abundance for others, how about a little fun manifesting some things for your own bad earthly self, by way of a wee thankyou for all the incredible suffering and struggling it’s gone through all these years keeping the life support structure going for you till we all finally arrived here at angel time together and are finally in a position to have some fun?

To wit, think of something you really want to manifest – probably something you’ve wanted to manifest for some time but haven’t been having much luck with and have been starting to think you might have to give up on it, but are still really yearning for beneath all that.

And knowing, as an angel you have extraordinary powers, assume your angelic identity: see and feel the wings extending from your shoulder blades, see and feel the radiance of light all around you and so on, and direct yourself to gather the desired outcome into manifest form for you.

At this point it’s fit to politely disconnect the cognitive connection and allow the angelic aspect of you to fly off to do your bidding. You’ll likely discern a flap of wings and subtle gust of angelic air and then, simply turn away, as it’s impolite watching an angel doing its business on the quantum level, and carry on as you were.

Depending on how huge a thing it is you wish to draw into being, there’ll now be an inevitable delay in terms of the passage of linear time before the result shows up, in the gap created by which, I wish you a sudden influx of blessings, opportunities and good news regardless, this very day.

Love, Doc

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