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Hello Angel Part IV

Being an angel in human form may seem just a nice enough abstract notion but as soon as you start living from it as an assumed model, there’s no doubt reality and your relationship with it actually morphs for the better spontaneously.

One of the main functions of angels, as far as we know, is to impart any requisite qualities and factors such as the strength, health, courage, wealth, opportunities and creative ideas, to those who are in need of them in order to produce a miraculous healing effect in any or all aspects of their lives. By fulfilling your function as an angel, you are fulfilled in return, and your fullness will include all the resources you need for your own healing miracle to occur with maximum effect.

But rather than look far afield for someone to heal, look to your own close-up relationships first and if any are in need of some repair, assume your angelic form and, in your angel-mind’s eye, visualize the scenario of the relationship as you currently see it, wrapped in a sphere of light, aim your palm at its centre and direct a stream of angelic healing bang into it.

See it activate the light of the sphere and cause it to grow far brighter and see that light suffuse all elements until you can clearly see the relationship healed and with harmony and integrity restored.

Expect miraculous results within 24 hours.

I wish you miraculous results today.

Love, Barefoot

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