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Hello Angel Part V

So there you are, an angel in human form, your angel tackle, wings and so forth, huge and resplendent yet entirely invisible to the naked eye. But your human self, the aspect of you invested in the suffering and self-flagellation finds it so hard to love itself. Yet if it were to desist from the compulsive need to self-inflict suffering and punishment (for being human), and simply love itself more, all aspects of its life would improve dramatically, it would have more love to share with others, be able to receive more love from others, and would thus become a magnet for good fortune – it would inherit the golden touch.

And as it’s strangely so hard to do this, to love yourself as the human you are, and it would be so amazing if you were to start right now, do the following:

Project the vision of you as a fully-fledged angel into the space in front of you like a hologram. See yourself standing there in full angelic resplendence, wings at rest and light emanating from every angelic pore, smiling beatifically back at you.

As you gaze at this angelic vision of you smiling back at you, notice how easy and natural it is to love this angel – and note how difficult it is not to.

Now deftly jump in through the back of your angelic head and situate yourself within, so that you’re feeling yourself as the angel smiling back at your human form, loving it with all your angelic heart.

Now deftly jump back into your human form and feel that angelic love coming at you – absorb it and let it warm every cell in your body.

Then draw your angel back around you, merge, be the angel and carry on as you were.

Love, Doc

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