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Hello Angel Part VI

So you are the angel. And so is everyone else. Fallen angels everywhere as far as the eye can see. And the time has come to rise up to the angelic state, hence why the recent exponential spread of interest and focus on self-development and spiritual practice.

We’re being required to adopt the mantle and assume the angelic identity.

It’s not compulsory of course. We can stay in the fallen state and wallow about in sensory enslavement to our hearts’ content. But to survive this transition, we need to vibrate at a higher frequency. We need to become less dense, and channel, express and transmit more of the light instead.

This doesn’t have to be specific. It doesn’t have to be used for any purpose. It merely needs to be activated so it shines, and in its shining all the rest will take care of itself. And wherever you do roam, a trail of miracles will be trotting along in your wake.

Give yourself a moment in the angelic realm.

Visualize your wings spreading out huge from your shoulder blades, feel the love in your heart and visualize yourself lift off and fly high in the sky above the earth. Feel the exhilaration.

See in the distance what looks like the festival of all angels and fly there. See yourself absorbed in the angelic throng, shaking that angelic booty and doing whatever angels do at festivals, and feel the elation pumping through your system, before returning yourself to the human realm (still as an angel, mind) and settling back into the world of the world.

This will instigate a rush of miracles over the next few days, which is exactly my wish for you.

Love, Barefoot

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