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Helping Accelerate The Global Spread Of Consciousness

If you were a beautiful flower in the garden of life, which on one level you are, and an asteroid was hurtling towards you, you’d still keep on being beautiful right up to the moment of impact. You wouldn’t think about doing otherwise. Or maybe you would and we don’t know about it, as not many people understand flower-talk. But either way you’d keep on being beautiful to the end.

It’s crucial to the ongoing unfolding of universal consciousness here on the planet, in the face of this looming global multilevel survival crisis of ours that you do keep being beautiful even unto the moment of impact now, however such impact might express itself in real time.

Being beautiful means expressing your unique gift of love, by way of contributing to the benefit of everyone. The thrust of change is gathering pace and with it the gathering of the awakened ones. That’s you, me and everyone we see waking up around us. Waking up to the truth of who we all are: manifestations of the ineffable presence.

Miracles happen. Quantum shifts is how nature unfolds. Consciousness affects the quantum field at the subatomic level.

It’s up to each of us to transmit, radiate and receive exponentially more consciousness now.

For whatever’s coming, if there’s one thing that can produce the requisite miracle at the fundamental level for all the pieces to land safely into a new paradigm that will support life, it’s this.

I wish you a sudden unexpected opening today, bringing in its wake a knowing that you’re looked after, a knowing so clear and strong, you never have cause to doubt yourself again.

Love, Doc

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