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High frequency

I’ve never actually done the calculation but it strikes me the process of making decisions occupies/requires more brain-space/activity than pretty much anything else.

Hence if we can streamline the process it’ll allow more energy for the brain to do more interesting things, which in turn frees up energy into the system and makes us feel more alive and less automaton-like.

The way is to drop back inside so you’re filling your back, with your mind retracted into the rear-brain. All the while, keep the whole body soft and relaxed, let the weight sink, breathe slowly, soften and open the chest in the front, and tell your subconscious to reveal the correct decision to make in any given situation.

The answer will arise from the lower belly and appear at the base of the midbrain as a picture or feeling urging you towards this or that, for which you need to be sensitive and alert.

Follow it and life works out.

This is totally different to operating from the lateral prefrontal lobes region where we make up all the stories about how others will perceive our actions, and then making our decisions based on that – it’s proper Taoist.

The signal in the midbrain may be interpreted as a picture or felt as an urge.

The key is to follow it.

It’ll save you loads of time otherwise wasted in pointless mental machinations.

Granted it may take some practice and probably will, but a bit of practice in developing a great skill never hurt anyone.

What’s rather interesting about it, aside from it being jolly interesting anyway, is the fact that the entire process of making decisions, whether made magically as above, or old-school mechanical style, is that the energy required to support making decisions derives from, would you believe, your gall bladder.

The gall bladder is a wee sack of bile, which turns the waste from eating, that would otherwise be white, brown, so you can see if you missed any after a session in the bathroom.

Yet it’s also that which supplies the energy to even be bothered thinking about what to do, let alone actually go ahead and do it.

The beauty of this is that if you stimulate your gall bladder energy your ease of decision-making increases exponentially, and as it does you tend to make better and better decisions and hence have a better and better life by consequence.

While drinking a glass/cup of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in is vastly helpful for supporting gall bladder chi, if you fondle the outsides of your knees, you’ll find a bony outcrop below the outside of each knee right at the sides, almost towards the back (diagram/check it online – GB34). Massage the muscle there with gusto and focus till the strange feeling passing down your lower legs becomes pleasurable, and you’ll have successfully boosted your gall bladder energy in more or less under 8 minutes. Do it once or twice a week and your decision-making will become so smooth it’ll change the quality of experience of all aspects of your life forevermore.

This is all about frequency control. Vibrate at a high frequency and beautiful things come your way.

With love, Barefoot

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