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How do you maintain equilibrium when all about you is rocking and rolling like a ship on a choppy oc

Well I’ll tell you dear reader.

See, according to the wisdom of the Taoist geniuses who wandered the orient a few thousand years ago and knew more then about cosmology than all our fancypants quantum physicists do today in many vital respects, as much as the external world impacts upon your person, your person impacts upon the external world – it’s a symbiotic arrangement.

However just as when the outside is messy it messes you up, when you’re messy it messes up the outside too.

By messy I mean unfocused, un-channeled, undirected, misaligned and incongruent.

So as long as you remain in or get yourself to and then remain in a state of equilibrated cohesion and your intention to trigger constructive developments that enhance life for all is integrated into every fiber of your being, the response you’ll get from the external world will be one of cooperation, help and support in all your endeavors, but not only that, perhaps more importantly, your very being will trigger benefits for everyone.

But how? How do you attain to such equilibrium and centeredness?

Well obviously the answer lies not in the raging intellect but in proprioception, the art of feeling into the body from the inside and then shifting your center/s of gravity to a more advantageous balance.

I hesitate to say do the STAND STRONGO QIGONGO lest it look like an ad, which it isn’t, but that’s exactly how you do generate the requisite stability.

But short of that, begin today as follows.

Stand like a mountain with a wide base: place your feet wider than the shoulders with both feet slightly pigeon toed to make the feet point directly forwards rather than outwards.

Bend the knees quite a bit and make sure they remain over the feet and don’t cave inwards.

Tuck the sacral bone slightly under to make the spine perpendicular to the floor.

Picture your crown being lifted towards the sky to elongate the spine.

Raise your breastbone slightly as a gesture of rising up to all that’s beautiful – don’t arch your back to facilitate this, to the contrary, bow it backwards.

Keeping the shoulders down and relaxed push your arms out in front as if pushing something.

Breathe slowly and steadily, belly rising on the in and falling on the out.

Soften all muscles from crown to soles.

Now based on your/our being comprised mostly of fluid, consider yourself a fluid vessel, and lean forwards a tad so the fluid collects in the front of brain and body.

Now lean back a bit and feel it gather in the rear brain and back of you.

If you allow it to remain there and your awareness with it, you’ll be in the big self, the witness bearer as opposed to the small, fictional version you’ve create in the front of you, with all its neuroses and anxieties.

You choose which.

Now consider the unnecessary weight of fluids you’ve been habitually squeezing into your chest and head and instead relax, desist from squeezing and allow all that to drop back down where it belongs: in the belly, pelvic floor, and legs.

And if you can maintain that set up even with legs unbent and body moving, walking, talking and whatever else, all the time, it won’t matter how much the world rocks and rolls, you’ll remain stable and will provide a stable zone for others.

The Barefoot has spoken. The miracle is happening.

With love, that Barefoot

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