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How Natural Energy Stimulation Techniques Work For You

The techniques I present here on a regular basis to stimulate various aspects of your energy field, in turn to produce specific effects on your emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and even financial state are powerful and they work.

But it’s not like taking a pill to change your state, other than that they similarly take about 20 minutes to filter through your system to produce the desired change of state.

Natural techniques, because they’re natural, occur subtly and other than the initial sensation engendered by some of the techniques, don’t provide a particular rush of sensations.

What happens is more discreet than that but the effects are actually profound.

For instance, say you were feeling a bit glum or gloomy today and you wanted to lift your spirits, one of a plethora of techniques you could use would be to press lightly on the crown of your head and circle your fingertip there in a clockwise direction 9 times, then visualize a golf-ball sized sphere of brilliant white light spinning clockwise at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) for a minute or so.

You’ll notice an instant shift in the way your energy is moving at the crown and a definite change of sensation there.

However it won’t be until about twenty minutes later that you feel that desired uplift in spirits. But when it happen, there’ll be no obvious fanfare or drum roll. Instead you simply won’t be feeling glum or gloomy anymore.

But unless you pay attention you probably won’t even notice.

For best effect with all these techniques, they should be practiced daily because over time the energy response increases cumulatively.

What you’re actually doing is retraining your energy field responses, rather than forcing them into a new response, hence why it requires time, patience and mindfulness.

Meantime, may that crown twiddling cause you such an up-rush of high spirits regardless of external circumstances, it’s all you can do not to jump up and down in your seat declaiming ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.


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