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How Profoundly Perfect

Take yourself off on a little journey of the imagination to a distant land in another dimension, where the sky is deep gold all day and goes soothing, sensual rosy blue when the sun, which always shines everyday without the risk of global warming, sets and the days are 36 hours long to afford everyone more time to have fun, which is important because here, everyone is having so much fun under the golden sun just being alive, they can hardly fit it all in.

Vital resources here replenish themselves almost faster than they get used and people, who are all rather fit and handsome to look at, yet not at all vain, naturally get on well with each other, enjoying healthy competition in the spirit of helping each other discover their weak spots so they can correct any imbalance – everyone is helping each other along. There’s no confusion – all communication is clear and everyone understands everyone else. They revel in each others’ differences. People love to big each other up and help each other feel progressively better about themselves, in fact people love to love and know how to give it and receive it without blocking it or messing it up in any way.

There isn’t much work to be done because they have it set up so that things run themselves, so the main focus is on how to have more and more fun and how to generate more and more abundance, at which they are consummate experts.

And there’s no robbery, violence, envy or spite and no one fights or makes wars – no one hurts each other at all.

Everyone celebrates each other’s good fortune. And they don’t have bad fortune there. None of it. It’s all good. Whatever happens to everyone is good. They don’t even have dirt – it’s all spotless and smells sweet the whole day and night. And though they don’t live forever there, they have managed to perfect living healthy and strong for 500 years or so and are then happy to die, as they really have exhausted every possible way of having fun by then – not just superficially but really profoundly too, for they are profound people, which is what gives them all such a splendid sense of humour, for there’s much of that and much laughter and mirth, even though they don’t have bad fortune to make jokes about – they simply know how to have fun and trigger almost constant belly laughs no matter what. That’s how fully enlightened they are. And there you are, just not seeing the joke, shouting, “It’s so utterly boring here!”

Obviously you wished you’d liked it because it made so much sense on paper but you simply have to admit without the grit provided by a bit of friction, it all becomes a tad too bland, no matter how profoundly perfect.

So you fire up your inflatable personal transdimensional spacecraft contraption you just happen to have stowed in your back trouser (pants) pocket and within no more than a jiffy and without so much as a wistful rearwards glance, find yourself, having traversed the space-time continuum instantaneously, back here in this madhouse, relieved with every cell in your body to feel the grit beneath your toe- and fingernails from the friction of yin fighting with yang in the world of the ten thousand things – delighted to be back in this flawed, imperfect world, ready to continue your crazy adventure upon its surface for as long as the surface lasts or you do, with renewed gusto, enthusiasm and optimism, delighted to welcome the apparently bad along with the apparently good (both are relative), because you’ve seen how terribly dull it can be with only one and realise there can be no growth without friction.

And you want growth. You want to feel yourself growing more and more in your ability to be yourself and express yourself fully in the world. You love it every time you experience a quantum leap in this respect and you just want more and more of it. You’ve also seen how after every phase of constriction and pain comes a phase of growth and expansion, so you stare constriction and pain in the eye, and say, OK, come on then, bring it on, not because you’re a mad masochist but because you know that along with them comes expansion and growth.

May this serve you well.

Love, Doc

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