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How To Access The Heart Of Every Experience

Plain and simple.

You have to transcend your pain-habit.

You have to step away from the mantle of suffering you’ve assumed at least momentarily and allow yourself to do what you do naturally when you allow yourself: love being alive.

You know it’s totally OK to feel exhilarated all the time.

Even in the midst of pain and suffering.

Exhilaration derives from knowing you’re alive and loving it.

Loving being alive, you automatically love life and life is the Tao.

When the Tao feels you loving it, it reveals itself.

Suddenly the veil falls away and you see clear as day that all the external effects: all the people, the movement, the situations, all of them and all of it are/is just various mantles the Tao assumes according to lighting and camera angle.

As soon as you see it’s all Tao, you see you’re all Tao.

Knowing yourself as all Tao, your heart opens spontaneously at the deepest level, as it does the heart of the situation opens itself and love prevails, bringing with it all the miracles you now need to optimize the next bit of your life.

It’s beautiful.

And I wish you all the miracles your heart can handle.

Love, B

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