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How To Apply The Five Excellences In Your Life

The first excellence: daily meditation. This can just mean setting it up to achieve a minimum of three seconds of absolute purity of consciousness once a day – an interlude during which there are no thoughts whatsoever, while you gaze, with lowered eyelids, from the centre of your brain into the infinite void between and behind your eyes. This is enough to connect you to the ineffable realm, whence springs your vitality, clarity and wellbeing in all senses.

The second excellence: martial arts. This can just mean visualizing a powerful force-field of protective energy all around you once or twice a day and doing the same on behalf of those around you though it is also good to do some sort of regular daily physical exercise too, as being fit, strong, supple and flexible is paramount to feeling in command.

The third excellence: healing others. This can just be visualizing streams of healing light entering each shoulder-tip from above and flowing down your arms through your palms which you direct at someone in pain, either in your mind or in the flesh. As you do so, breathe in to draw in the light, then breathe out to emit it. (You have a choice in each and every situation: heal it or destroy it, and obviously, choosing the former, you elicit better results from reality on all levels).

The fourth excellence: creative output. This can just mean thinking originally as you go about your daily business, rather than constantly running on seeing things the same way all the time, for seeing things differently, you naturally do them differently and like this progress is made.

The fifth excellence: bring your produce to market. This can just mean being sure to be clear, open and authentic in your communications with others and bold enough to present your point of view, to share your ideas and to be willing to engage with all those in your world more fully.

May this offer you something useful to work with today.

Love, B

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