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How to attain the right mind-frame to dispel the toughest of obstacles

The ancient Taoists believed (and proved) that the way to make the biggest gains in life, was to continually invest in loss. To the Western mind, this immediately seems idiotic. However, this depends on what you’re investing in losing. If you invest in losing that illusory aspect of self that believes in its own importance to the possible detriment of others, you then gain grace and grace coupled with clear intention gets you everything you want in life without trying.

So in the case of dealing with an apparently unmovable object in your way, in the form of another person seemingly blocking your progress in any aspect of life you care to mention, first invest in losing the description you’re giving it and in its place, create a version of the story as follows: the person apparently blocking your path is not really who you think they are, or even who they think they are, but an expression of the Tao and the Tao wants you to make swift progress.

Address that person in your mind and/or in real time if it occurs that way spontaneously, but rather than seeing them through the filters in your forebrain, filters composed based on the story you’re telling yourself about the situation, see them as if looking at them from the centre of your chest, rather than forebrain and eyes), and see them as the Tao, as the Buddha, as the divine behind the disguise.

Then talking from your heart to that presence, explain you perceive a block to your progress on account of their mode of operation at the moment and wish to mutually discover a slightly alternative path that’ll benefit both equally instead – in other words, that you’ll agree to disagree if needs be, for both of you to be able to progress unimpeded from here. If expressed sincerely, this will find a natural resonance and open the way to constructive conversation.

This so, whether communicated psychically (by visualizing it) and/or actually.

Generally you perform the visualization occurs and the conversation in real time arises subsequently of itself without contrivance.

Ultimately it comes down to having the intention to elicit healing for every person and situation you encounter. The rest then takes care of itself and is honed as above.

I wish you the most magnificently honed healing of all situations today.

Love, B

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