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How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks

No matter their psycho-emotional cause, anxiety and panic originate in a deficit of kidney energy and vice versa. Once the deficit is remedied, anxiety levels and propensity to panic decrease automatically.

Place backs of hands on the lower back either side of the spine at waist height and rub up and down vigorously over a short distance for 20 seconds to generate heat, then let the heat penetrate until you feel it in your kidneys. Then rub round and round your belly button in a clockwise direction (looking down) 36 times.

Finally slow your breathing right down and remind yourself that anxiety and panic are something you generate yourself to feed your adrenalin addiction and that you have options, one of which is to let go of the tension in your muscles, elongate your spine, drop your shoulders and breathe slowly.

Feel the existential fear for sure – that’s primal and healthy – but breathe and relax with it and don’t feel obliged to feed the adrenalin addiction. Life will take care of itself and you.

Repeat endlessly, ‘It’s OK, I’m safe, no matter how my mind may try and convince me otherwise.’

I wish you supreme safety in all ways.

Love, Doc

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