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how to deal with insomnia

Sleeplessness generally results from over-active adrenals. Settle your adrenals by breathing slowly and low down in your belly so your belly swells on inhalation and flattens on exhalation, nine times. Then press into your lower back with thumbs either side of the spine at waist height, about a plum’s distance from the edge of the spine on both sides for 30 seconds.

Now press into the soft side of the wrist in line with the little finger on the wrist bracelet on each side for 30 seconds, as this will calm your heart and slow your pulse rate within ten minutes or so.

Finally, close your eyes and sink your mind back into the midbrain, whence you gaze into the soothing void between and behind your eyes, without thinking – if thoughts come, let them drift away rather than get involved in them.

Within but a few moments, sleep will at least want to come and in time, with practice, will find its way through on a nightly basis.

I wish you the sleep of angels.

Love, Barefoot

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