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How To Have A Spanking Good Time Now

We all know having a good time is much more of a complete experience when your good times consists of everyone around you having a good time too. And we also all know that when we’ve been responsible for causing everyone around us to have a good time along with us, it increases our own enjoyment of that good time exponentially.

And we also all know that being responsible for everyone including us, having a good time, begins with an intention.

That intention then automatically informs the way you move your body, the way you use your vocal chords and the way you transmit signals on the unconscious level, the combination of which affects the energy field around you and anyone who steps into it.

So you don’t have to contrive anything to get others feeling good around you. You simply have to intend it.

There are infinite methods for achieving this so how about trying one involving auto-suggestion and it goes like this:

Repeat convincingly as if method acting it, at least six times and preferably more throughout today:

Everyone who comes into my orbit feels beautiful through my love today.

And as you repeat it, soften your heart area and let your love flow freely.

Keep doing it and almost without realizing it the signals you send out will alter for the better and your reward will be a spanking good time today, which is precisely what I wish you.

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