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How to make authentic connection with others today

Why would you want to? To give your day value. It’s only through authentic connection with others that the day takes on a meaning and meaning gives it value. If the Tao is manifesting itself in human form through each of us, what greater function could you fulfil than making an authentic connection between the Tao in you and the Tao in the other?

And the key is simply to be authentically connected to yourself.

This means that rather than identify solely with the version of reality you’re unwittingly concocting in your forebrain, you’re referencing your awareness to what’s going on in your body – your breathing, your relaxation levels, your postural alignment and so on.

The swirl of activity and related responsibilities occurring in and as a result of the external world tends to take care of itself once you do this.

This swirl mostly comprises the effects of your communication with others.

The more authentic, the more of a smooth spin you facilitate.

Reference your awareness of self to what’s happening in your body, especially when you speak with others, centre yourself in your belly, soften your heart, relax your forebrain, allow your communication to originate from deep within your body and others instinctively feel it. It triggers an automatic resonance, which gives rise to them finding their own authenticity.

Meantime, I wish you a day of surprisingly beautiful moments of authentic connection with whoever you encounter and the results of that be unprecedented and magnificent.

Love, Doc

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