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How to make decisions easily, swiftly and wisely

Choosing something off the menu, do you ever find yourself dithering?

Do you ever find yourself having a disproportionate emotional stress-reaction when having to make an apparently important decision?

Do you get anxious about making the wrong decision?

Are your criteria clear or nebulous?

And would you like to be able to make the right decision every time, based on a clear and sound set of criteria, and make it quickly and easily every time?

Of course you would.

(In case you can’t decide).

Making decisions is one of the primary mental processes occurring in your brain all the time – what’s the first thing needing doing today, tea or coffee – do I stay or do I go, am I up to this challenge or am I biting off more than I can chew, am I able and willing to keep going or am I going to give up, and so on.

But though the processing certainly seems to be only going on in the brain, it actually involves the whole body too.

After all unless you’ve come up with a clever way of doing it and getting it to function from a jar with the requisite tubes and electrodes attached, a brain on its own isn’t much use without a body to support it and carry out its will for it.

In fact every mental function, as well as every mood or feeling that arises in response to the way your brain is synthesizing the sensory input you’re receiving, is facilitated by the energy of the various vital organs.

In the case of making decisions along with all the emotional coloration you afford both the decision-making procedure and the decision itself, the speed you decide something, and the sense levels in the decision you make, it’s the gall bladder of all things.

The gall bladder is a little sack-like object situated roughly between the left and right lobe of the liver. It stores digestive bile and the disinfectant that makes your shit brown rather than white, though I do believe that might have been an evolutionary error – mind you it would be harder to avoid dog turds in the snow.

If you’ve a history of repressed anger – say you were bullied by parents, siblings, teachers or peers and weren’t able to stand up for yourself and weren’t able to express your gall, so had to repress the natural anger-release reaction, and say this went on long enough to become a fixed pattern, the gall bladder energy would become weakened and partially ineffectual.

Aside from typical physical symptoms such as headaches, migraines, stiff neck, sore shoulders or eyestrain, this would make decision-making disproportionately onerous and tend towards making decisions that weren’t to your best advantage.

Adjust the gall bladder energy over say a three-week period, combine that with setting up a clear intention to be a great decision-maker thenceforth and usually within a maximum of 90 days or thereabouts (I can’t quite decide), your decision-making prowess will be word-class. I was going to say world-leader level but am not sure if that serves as a viable benchmark.

How to adjust your gall bladder energy easily and effortlessly and so facilitate optimal conditions to make decisions easily, swiftly and wisely

Drink a cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed first and last thing each day.

Locate the bony knob on the most lateral aspect of the upper part of the lower leg just below the knee joint with the leg bent, foot on floor, and press into the muscles just below it – Gall Bladder 34 – for a few seconds each leg.

Press fingers in under ribs on right side half way along the frontal aspects of the lowest rib on the right and gently massage the stich or contraction away.

Press thumbs into the muscle at the base of the skull both sides simultaneously where the two ridges of muscle insert for a few seconds.

Press fingertips into shallow subtle dents on the forehead directly above the pupil of each eye just above the eyebrow line.

How to set up a clear intention to be a great decision-maker

Aside from the energetic aspect, being bad at decision-making is a decision you made – ironically – unconsciously of course and as a reaction to some moment of a degree of trauma around making decisions as a child. And it’s in your province to decide to decide things more easily and advantageously in future. The most efficient way is to repeat a pertinent affirmations, writing it by hand 6x, followed by reciting it under your breath 6x, followed by reciting it aloud 12 times.

This amounts to 36 repetitions, 9 for each season. Nine is the number of maximum power and thrust (in Taoist numerology) – the number of pure yang. This symbolizes being strong in your decision-making all year round from now on. Try this for example:

I’ve changed and make advantageous brilliant, creative, innovative, original all the time now, and I don’t even know why’.

Destiny and decisions, the radical Taoist approach

Making decisions, the choices that then affect your future as a function is all about your relationship with destiny.

The underlying default attitude towards destiny in our culture is one of superstition and fear, hence the insurance business for instance.

People assume destiny is their nemesis, because one way or another it’ll eventually be the death of them. This of course is based on a notion of death being the ultimate punishment, rather than as the reward, the release, and the going home after undergoing the exhilarating and exacting challenge of experiencing a human life.

This position in respect of both destiny and death, is predicated entirely on a decision you once made and are likely unconscious about, a decision based on an opinion, not fact, as hardly anything can be ascertained about what happens after leaving the body, though there is a large and growing body of credible evidence of some sort of individuated ongoing motion. This opinion is based on a story you subscribed to as a child, based on a story your parents subscribed to and theirs before them and so, a story about cosmology based on mere hearsay, myth and fiction.

And it’s you’re prerogative to change that decision by entertaining a different opinion based on a different story. After all it was only an opinion.

It’s equally as valid, and certainly more uplifting all round to entrain your brain to perceive destiny and where it eventually leads you on release from the physical plane, as your sacred beloved friend who does everything for your best interests, and death as blessed release rather than accursed punishment.

It’s also your prerogative to assume destiny will inevitably turn out the way it does due to the infinitely complex procession of cause and effect starting that very moment the universe blew into being, and that though you can’t see it happening because of the sophistication involved in this grand cosmic magic trick called reality, everything still to come has, without the boundaries of the 4D reality tunnel, already happened – in fact is happening right now along with everything past, here in this eternal moment.

Hence that there’s really nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to stress about, and the issues you have to decide are relatively so miniscule in significance you might as well stop trying so hard and start enjoying the ride more regardless.

In some ways this contradicts all the above.

What’s the point of getting good at making decisions if you don’t have to actually make any, because it’s all going to happen as it does regardless?

Firstly it at least appears that your agreement and collaboration is required, that you must rise up to meet your destiny or it comes at you in a more random, less advantage manner.

Secondly it’s by the very act of streamlining the decision-making function and releasing trapped gall bladder energy that you come to this transcendent perspective.

All is paradox.

And if all that poleaxes your rational mind, and even if not, simply focus your decision-making on deciding to release excess tension, breathe freely, see a vision of a stream of joyful outcomes, and releasing yourself into the ineffable glory of this moment – and the next, and the next one after that, and so on.

And all the rest will follow.

All opinions expressed in this piece are my own and they’re right.

Meanwhile don’t take my word for it, don’t believe a word of it, don’t for a minute think I intend you to agree with anything I’ve said here and save the internal debating energy for more pressing issues. Simply experiment with this proposition for a week or so and see what occurs.

That’s how Taoist practice works and how true knowledge is gained.

Coming at it with prejudice merely blocks the I bound flow and robs you of the very gift you’re after.

I spoke about this today because I’ve found myself having the conversation with many people lately, which ties in with the Taoist medical axiom that come spring the liver and therefore gall bladder chi gets all flurried and shaken up on account of the rising sap and the appearance of a new slew of options at every turn.

Now how shall I sign off, let me decide….wait let me press my head…oh yes I forgot to say, Gall Bladder 11, just above the apex of each ear in the dents you’ll find there is also good for promoting an instant decision all thoughts of predestination aside – I just pressed it myself.

Love, Doc (without any hesitation after that)

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