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How to make your day most scintillating

By altering your internal stance, the way you're lining yourself up inside, you completely alter your experience of the external world.

And by altering it the advanced Taoist way, you can have a major impact on all aspects of your life, starting right now.

To wit, concentrate on the middle of the ball of each foot and on the thymus in the centre of the upper chest simultaneously. As you breathe in, imagine you're doing so through the balls of the feet and as you breathe out, that you're breathing out from the thymus.

Between the two the air is exchanged, so to speak somewhere in front of the sacrum, between the sacrum and the navel in fact, at which point some internal alchemical reaction occurs, which causes your power levels to increase exponentially, along with which comes an increase of confidence and optimism.

I'm only giving you the surface aspect of this extraordinary technique, as to go further now would mean writing a whole book about it. But by simply trying this out with a degree of diligence, you start seeing for yourself how it lifts you instantly up to the angelic levels, while still with your feet on the ground, thus promoting the likelihood of a splendid day, night and weekend ahead, which is precisely what I wish you.

Love, B

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