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How To Trigger A Thousand Miracles In Your Life Now

When it comes to manifesting your dream, the life you want, your vision, your desires or however you like to think of it, one mega-major key is that you experience yourself as standing in good relation to your Tao, your fairy godmother, your protective angel, your guiding spirit, your higher self, the universe, or however you want to think of the ineffable presence informing your reality and existence.

This implies you seeing the Tao as your friend – a good friend, not just some invisible, fly-by-night, capricious and potentially spiteful, otherworldly fecker who’d screw you up but would rather screw you down at the drop of a hat. You have to know the Tao is benign and always produces the optimal result for you in any situation or complex of situations, that your highest possible good and the highest possible good of others may always be engendered. Or at least you have to be willing to know it. For as soon as the Tao feels your trust, it will produce shifts in reality that will make your heart sing and spirit soar. Or more precisely, your trust closes the requisite circuit of energy between local and universal selves, which then produces the required result.

And the beautiful irony is that once that occurs you instantly realise the real reward is actually the experience of being in a state of trust. The results themselves – the shifts you want to occur – are merely a fortunate by-product, a sort of ceremonial award bestowed as a bonus in recognition of your excellent friendship.

So though you think the real goal is manifesting wealth, health, love and/or whatever, that in fact is just the icing on the cake, no matter how significant in material or physical terms.

The goal, if the word can be used in such a context, the main body of the cake, so to speak, is to know yourself standing in good relation to your Tao from moment to moment.

Meantime, even though you can’t see it specifically, though of course can see it displayed externally all around you and can feel it within you even if you don’t register that’s what you’re feeling, instigate a deepening of this love by addressing your Tao now and saying with all your heart, “I love you, baby’.

May this trigger off a thousand miracles in your life now.

Love, B

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