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Humanity is clearly in a madness phase. Naturally I confide this in you assuming you’re relatively unscathed by it till now, and that you wish to shield yourself from it that you may continue enjoying this unparalleled gift of existence without impedance from people more skilled at ruining than generating fun.

How these latter managed to take over the show will never fail to stun and amaze me. We had it going on so well – global consciousness looked so set to sweep up humanity in its loving arms and usher in the enlightenment who’d have ever guessed the killjoys would have managed to ruin the party. But they have and the resulting socio-economic compression is squeezing the lunacy to the surface like squeezing a boil. And when I say lunacy, I include any urge expressed to limit and curtail the joy and freedom of those around them and themselves.

And you can’t fight that.

That just intensifies it, like blowing on a fire.

What you can do is quietly hold the space for the opposite – hold the space for the qualities you want to see prevail – kindness, wisdom and all the obvious noble human qualities.

And remain sturdy and steady on your feet in the face of any lunacy expressing itself at close quarters to your person.

For starters, dear reader, the most important thing is to put your back into it.

We all know what putting your back into an action entails.

But this requires putting your back into non-action when no action is happening too.

Right now for instance as you read this – as if undertaking strenuous physical challenge for which the back being put into it would be essential, put your back into it.

Notice how you become immediately present, and how you instantaneously take full occupancy of your whole body not just the front part, where all the noise of the dramas you create goes on.

Notice how while identified with the back you’ve put into it, you experience no noise. Note how the fear of life, of people, of the future and of whatever else, diminishes almost completely.

Note how any madness you might have caught virus-like from the world around you, which had been hitherto causing internal static, has now subsided.

If you can continue to put your back into being here, each and every second for the rest of your life, nothing will ever bother you again.

But you won’t manage it. However, do it often if only fleetingly and by and by you’ll find yourself there most of the time at least.

And this is vitally important in the face of humanity becoming nano-botted and generally insane, as it will enable you to abide and keep turning whatever happens to your advantage.

That way you get full value from the ride of your life, rather than be suckered into the black hole of collective lunacy, and end up wasting it along with all the other suckers.

Tough times, rough times, perhaps but we will thrive on it, dear reader, we will thrive.

Love, Doc

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