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If you want good, don’t shy away from bad

Talking all night as you do from time to time with an old friend, a natural-born follower of Tao like no one I’ve ever encountered, he said an interesting thing:

Life is not interested in whether you’re right or wrong, well-behaved or misbehaved, it doesn’t care. All life cares about is balance. And it will always seek to affect it no matter what.

So he reckons in the name of balance, if you want to be in command of the events in your life rather than vice versa, you need to actively seek out the bad days and live them to the full, rather than resist them if you want to elicit the good days.

I pointed out how the Taoists call this investing in loss. Invest in loss if you wish to see real gains. It’s very clever though ostensibly counterintuitive at first: yin, the contractive, deconstructionist force on reaching its zenith inevitably turns into its opposite: yang, the expansive, creative force, so by actively diving in with gusto into the bad days rather than try and change them to good days, you're actually actively inviting the good by going with rather than resisting what is. (This doesn't imply defeatism incidentally - to the contrary, it's merely a different strategy to attain success).

It takes a degree of courage to let go of your achievement-agendas and risk yourself in total loss of control in surrender to the underlying flow but if you can do it, enlightenment and the universal success it brings will be yours more swiftly than you could manifest it any other way.

So blessings to my friend for the inspiration and to you for reading this and I wish you an experience of sublime and instantaneous manifestation of miracles in your life now.

Love, D

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