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In-Depth Explanation Of The Highly Refined Ancient Taoist Method Of Visualization

The ancient Taoists developed (or inherited from aliens) and refined a method of visualization for purposes of manifesting what you need with ease, which they called wu wei, meaning path of effortless action. King Wen’s cook, for instance, had used the same carving knife for 19 years and had never had to sharpen the blade. As a Taoist practitioner, he put this down to knowing how to slice through the miniscule gaps between the tendons and ligaments in the joints of whichever carcass he was carving and so never met with resistance. To do this, he first had to visualize the gaps and his knife slicing effortlessly through them.

To do this he would have used the following method.

Having relaxed fully into your skin, lowered your eyelids and slowed your breathing right down, draw your mind back deep into the midbrain and gaze with focused intent into the void between and behind your eyes.

From the very top of your forehead, in the centre of what is normally the front hairline, imagine a spotlight shining a beam of white light into the void in front of you.

Into this lit area of the void before you insert what looks like a holographic image of you a short while hence enjoying life so much you’re smiling deeply from ear to ear, all the way down from your pelvic floor. Gaze at this image from way back in the midbrain and remain fully relaxed.

In the mind of this future you, see the awareness that you’ve jumped over any obstacles currently presenting themselves in your life and have manifested a whole new set of vastly improved conditions for yourself and those in your orbit.

In the heart of this future you, see the joy and thrill of being alive with all conditions settled into the most elegant configuration.

Now deftly draw that image of future-you back through the void until it’s sitting completely within present you and feel the joy and thrill of being alive with all conditions settled into the most elegant configuration, as if it’s so right now.

The above steps demonstrated are requisite for successfully implementing the following crucial technique for living a truly successful and satisfying life in all respects and constitutes a gift I wish you to have.

Now, visualize,

A beautiful destination up ahead. I don’t need to tell you where it is or what it comprises. You already know exactly where and what it is.

A destination comprising your highest possible good and fulfilment of potential in absolutely all areas of your life, knowing total unshakable inner peace for it and feeling in love with the Tao and all its manifestations, in a steady state of transcendent enlightenment, while having the best possible time of it on the earth plane.

Now tie a blue lasso, made entirely of unbreakable blue light, round your middle, deftly like a real cowboy/girl, throw the other end out and lasso the bucking bronco image of your destination. Now using your whole body with your energy flowing freely, breath regulated, muscles relaxed yet active, draw the destination to you.

But just as when stopped at the station, watching the adjacent train start off producing the optical illusion of it being your train on the move instead, generates the precise sensation of actually being on the move, let this produce a similar illusion so it feels like you pulling yourself along the chord of unbreakable blue light towards the destination instead.

Finally, you get there and explode into the scene, feeling as if it’s already here.

All the while you did this, see yourself as having exercised the requisite degree of trust and surrender to the flow of events, to the pull along the chord.

It wasn’t totally passive. You had to pull on the lasso with enough strength and conviction to produce motion but you remained relaxed and flowing as you did so.

Simply visualizing all this with intent will in itself produce a change at the subconscious level that will trigger your innermost circuitry to make you do things differently from now on and so achieve a vastly better result in terms of let go and flow and the boons that drop in your lap whenever you do.

Give thanks as if it is already so.

And return to the everyday state, all parts of you present and correct, ready and raring to see what the day and night has in store for you.

May it have a whole slew of amazingly delightful surprises for you now.

Love, B

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